Feel The Face Painting Passion

Published June 1, 2010 by Face Painting Brisbane

Feel the passion, and grow as an artist! – Enter a comp!

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing and competing in the Australian Body Art Carnivale recently. This amazing event was held on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia from May 14th-16th, and it showcased some of Australia’s finest artists and photographers.
Included in the competitions were Face Painting, Body Brush & Sponge, Airbrush & Special Effects.
It was an art lover’s feast, with a weekend smorgasbord which also included pavement art, vehicle art, and wearable art.
Thanks to the wonderful, friendly and professional organizers of this amazing event, my initial panic at being a “first-time-competitor” quickly disappeared. For the next 5 and a half hours I was held captive in my “creative bubble”. What bliss!!!

Feel free to visit the site http://www.australianbodyart.com.au or find their page on facebook – “Australian Body Art Carnivale”

Images compliments and property of the very talented “Nicky Stone – Pomegranate Photography” –
http://www.pomegranatephoto.com or find their page on facebook – “Pomegranate Photography”

Artists from left – Milana Tornatore, Tamara Oliver, O.Walker, Lorraine Halse.

Until next time,
Living the dream – Milana x


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