The Right Quality Face Paint

Published July 20, 2010 by Face Painting Brisbane


I have been very fortunate over the past 12 months, to have met and worked alongside some of Australia’s best and most creative face and body artists. I believe in asking lots of questions! What paints do you use? Brushes? Glitter? Sponges? Equally as crucial, I always ask “WHY” – are they so important, the best, etc???
Whether you are face painting for fun or for profit, I cannot stress enough – the importance of using ONLY quality paints and products.

When looking for products always ask yourself the following questions –
• Is the product recommended by a face painting authority? E.g. a shop assistant might not be able to give you the same information as a professional face painter.
• Has someone you know and trusted used the product effectively? E.g. was it easy to use? Easy to remove? Were there no adverse reactions?
• Are the glitters safe for skin? E.g. craft glitters, and glitter glues are not suitable for the skin. Use only approved cosmetic glitters and liquid blings.
• Are the sponges, brushes or applicators disposable or washable? E.g. minimize germs spreading! Eww! Cross contamination should be avoided at all times.
• Is the paint able to be stored away for next time? E.g. school fetes and charity events often waste much needed resources when face painting products and supplies are bought, only to have a large amount thrown away afterwards – because it can’t stay viable.
• What are the pros and cons when choosing product? E.g. – it is often worth buying the more expensive professional products for the following reasons –
1. They are much EASIER and application is almost always FASTER and the result BETTER 
2. They store away wonderfully until next time.
3. You hold more credibility as a face painter and body artist, and your liability risks are kept at an absolute minimum.
4. Manufacturers and distributors of quality face paints and associated products are more accountable and aware of the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards required.

What do I personally use and recommend? Ultimately, it is always a very personal decision. Nevertheless, being a high profile and corporate face painting company – and from a liability perspective I ONLY use approved and recommended professional face and body painting products and supplies. I am a huge fan of Paradise by Mehron, Tag, & Diamond Effects.

Until next time –
Living the dream!
Milana xxx


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