Purplena Sprinkles Get Well Fairy Dust Far and Wide at Radio Lollipop Gold Coast

Published June 26, 2012 by Face Painting Brisbane

Purplena the Face Painting Fairy made a special visit to brighten up the Paediatric Ward at Radio Lollipop Gold Coast Hospital.

This was her second visit to the kids at Radio Lollipop and was a special one at that. Purplena knows the power of art and a positive attitude can have and tries to create a joyful atmosphere everywhere she goes. In the studio Purplena painted batman, flowers, and butterflies on faces, hands and arms. She also took a fairy flight around the ward to see the bedridden children to paint some beauty on them. Little Tegan in the photograph was so excited to have her face painted and then be sprinkled with some magic ‘get well fairy dust’.

“I may not be able to change the child’s circumstance,” she explains, “but I know I can give them a positive experience, some joy, happiness and a good memory, despite their circumstances.” That is truly what Purplena does with her beautiful, kind nature with the children and she treats every child as an individual and makes them feel special. Purplena also paints at Dreamworld, birthday parties, other hospitals and for other organisations.

We’d love to thank Purplena and Sam of The Face Painting Company for helping us organise the very special visit and we hope to have Purplena back to spread some more of that ‘get well fairy dust’ around soon.

Radio Lollipop logoMiriam Crowe | Honorary Chairperson



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