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Face Painting Fairies at Westpac Tenneriffe Festival 2012 Brisbane

Published July 10, 2012 by Face Painting Brisbane

The Westpac Kid Zone at Teneriffe Festival 2012 Brisbane was a total success. Purplena and Daisy from The Face Painting Company face painted hundreds of happy children all day. “The Beautiful Face Painting Fairies were definitely the most popular attraction at the festival. It was the best face painting we have ever seen, and so quick!” Event Coordinator Jackie commented.


Brisbane Face Painters help Ipswich City Council Celebrate

Published June 4, 2012 by Face Painting Brisbane

Rainbow Butterfly Face Paint, on Rainbow Entertainers at Ipswich City Council Family Fun Day. – Face painting by The Face Painting Company.
The Face Painting Company joined the Ipswich City Council, face painting for Ipswich Family Fun Day June 2 2012. The Brisbane Face Painters joined many stall holders, attractions and entertainers to Face Paint at Limestone Park Ipswich. Ipswich Council spokeswoman said “We are so happy we chose The Face Painting Company. Best Face Painting we have ever seen! Everybody raved about how great the face painting was, and so quick! We will definitely use The Face Painting Company again.” www.thefacepaintingcompany.com

Face Painting Fairies at Conrad Jupiters High Rollers Australia Day

Published January 31, 2012 by Face Painting Brisbane

The Face Painting Company Fairies


Purplena and Face Painting Fairies

were face painting the Conrad Jupiters High Rollers at their Australia Day Celebrations 2012


More than just training in face painting

Published November 8, 2010 by Face Painting Brisbane

Hi everyone! Thanks again for the opportunity to share some more (hopefully) sound business advice for your face painting businesses.

While many of you know me as the head painter and trainer for http://www.thefacepaintingcompany.com – facepainting is merely one of many things that I like to teach to my all staff and subcontractors, that work with our company.

I have seen some outstanding artists in the short time I have been involved in this industry, and I also feel that being a fabulous face painter is not enough in this competitive day and age.

Presentation – Learning about costume coordination, grooming, make up and hair, adds to the final product that you are ultimately selling – YOU! Do your homework on how your competitors are presented, and step it up!

Hygiene – Training and learning about the best and safest application techniques will add value to your business. E.g. glitter puffers! This minimises the direct contact to the face and the product. My team are also trained in the importance of painting only clean, healthy faces! It only takes one dirty, snotty nosed face to spread germs and bacteria, and also makes you look very unprofessional to the parents that may be watching with their children in the line.

Etiquette –My team are trained in all aspects of professional etiquette on every job. It is lovely to be offered a “cup cake” at a child’s party, and I encourage everyone to accept these offers graciously. But… NEVER stop your paid work, to eat or drink while on the job! (Except your hydration bottle) Put it aside, and after you have packed up, thank the host again and eat it on the way out, or after you have left. Breaks should always be taken away from your station and preferably out of view of clients and waiting patrons. And NEVER accept to have a “drink” with the clients at the end of the event/party.

Communication – Greeting your client before and after the job is respectful and courteous. Personally, I always hand out my cards, but never discuss business while on a job for someone else. Your client may not appreciate paying you to have a conversation with someone else about future bookings, prices, etc. One idea, is to politely hand a business card, and say “I’m sure you can appreciate I can’t chat now, but please feel free to phone the number on this card when convenient.” Never refer to your client as “mate”, or “bro”… and avoid using statements like “yeh, man” and “that’s cool”. May sound old fashioned, but good communication skills will give you repeat business.

Research –. Working as Purplena Fairy at Dreamworld, I get asked some really difficult “fairy” questions. I have used this experience to teach my team what works and what doesn’t. Learning about the television shows that kids are interested in and knowing a little about what kids are “into” can help a shy child gain confidence in getting face painting. Outside of Dreamworld, I also like to know a little about each Company that I am working for. I feel it adds that little bit of special personalised service to be able to say something like – “I read recently that *company* is sponsoring the *something* appeal.” J

Well, I hope this information has been somewhat helpful! Please leave your comments, and until next time Living The Dream

Milana xxx

The Right Quality Face Paint

Published July 20, 2010 by Face Painting Brisbane


I have been very fortunate over the past 12 months, to have met and worked alongside some of Australia’s best and most creative face and body artists. I believe in asking lots of questions! What paints do you use? Brushes? Glitter? Sponges? Equally as crucial, I always ask “WHY” – are they so important, the best, etc???
Whether you are face painting for fun or for profit, I cannot stress enough – the importance of using ONLY quality paints and products.


When looking for products always ask yourself the following questions –
• Is the product recommended by a face painting authority? E.g. a shop assistant might not be able to give you the same information as a professional face painter.
• Has someone you know and trusted used the product effectively? E.g. was it easy to use? Easy to remove? Were there no adverse reactions?
• Are the glitters safe for skin? E.g. craft glitters, and glitter glues are not suitable for the skin. Use only approved cosmetic glitters and liquid blings.
• Are the sponges, brushes or applicators disposable or washable? E.g. minimize germs spreading! Eww! Cross contamination should be avoided at all times.
• Is the paint able to be stored away for next time? E.g. school fetes and charity events often waste much needed resources when face painting products and supplies are bought, only to have a large amount thrown away afterwards – because it can’t stay viable.
• What are the pros and cons when choosing product? E.g. – it is often worth buying the more expensive professional products for the following reasons –
1. They are much EASIER and application is almost always FASTER and the result BETTER 
2. They store away wonderfully until next time.
3. You hold more credibility as a face painter and body artist, and your liability risks are kept at an absolute minimum.
4. Manufacturers and distributors of quality face paints and associated products are more accountable and aware of the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards required.

What do I personally use and recommend? Ultimately, it is always a very personal decision. Nevertheless, being a high profile and corporate face painting company – and from a liability perspective I ONLY use approved and recommended professional face and body painting products and supplies. I am a huge fan of Paradise by Mehron, Tag, & Diamond Effects.

Until next time –
Living the dream!
Milana xxx


Feel The Face Painting Passion

Published June 1, 2010 by Face Painting Brisbane

Feel the passion, and grow as an artist! – Enter a comp!

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing and competing in the Australian Body Art Carnivale recently. This amazing event was held on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia from May 14th-16th, and it showcased some of Australia’s finest artists and photographers.
Included in the competitions were Face Painting, Body Brush & Sponge, Airbrush & Special Effects.
It was an art lover’s feast, with a weekend smorgasbord which also included pavement art, vehicle art, and wearable art.
Thanks to the wonderful, friendly and professional organizers of this amazing event, my initial panic at being a “first-time-competitor” quickly disappeared. For the next 5 and a half hours I was held captive in my “creative bubble”. What bliss!!!

Feel free to visit the site http://www.australianbodyart.com.au or find their page on facebook – “Australian Body Art Carnivale”

Images compliments and property of the very talented “Nicky Stone – Pomegranate Photography” –
http://www.pomegranatephoto.com or find their page on facebook – “Pomegranate Photography”

Artists from left – Milana Tornatore, Tamara Oliver, O.Walker, Lorraine Halse.

Until next time,
Living the dream – Milana x